About us

Clea was founded in the Spring of 2023, by a duo who wanted to offer skincare solutions that are clean, pure & simple. 

At Clea Wellness Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to have clear, healthy, and radiant skin. We understand the frustration and self-consciousness that comes with problematic skin, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to finding clean and effective skincare solutions that will transform your skin and restore your confidence. 

Our online store offers tailored skin kits for every skin problem, whether you struggle with acne, oily/dry-ness, sensitivity, or any other skin concern, we have carefully curated products that will make you feel beautiful and confident in the skin you're in.

" I've struggled for many years battling random breakouts, large pores, and unhealthy skin. My stressful and demanding workload, pollution led to dull and distressed skin. I finally found skincare products that slowly healed and transformed my skin and allows me to "Age with Grace".  With my long history of skin struggles, I was determined to find products that my teens could use to keep them confident and "Young & Fun"- co-founder of Clea.

Clea's range of products will protect, heal and keep skin radiant and glowing! Let us help you feel confident in your skin. 

The Clea Wellness Team